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Yorkville Blanket Company – Premium Weighted Blanket Review


The Yorkville Blanket Company is a small family operated business based out of Berlin, Connecticut.  They entered the weighted blanket market in 2015 and have been growing and expanding their line of weighted blankets and covers ever since.

With so many weighted blanket manufacturers currently in the market, Yorkville has set their products apart by perfecting their construction, offering a range of sizes and weights, pricing the blankets competitively, and most importantly, simulating the experience and effects of a real hug.

The Yorkville Weighted Blanket

Provides Deep Pressure Stimulation

For those of you who are familiar with sensory disorders, you know of the importance of deep pressure stimulation.  Applying pressure in the forms of massages, compression vests, and using other sensory products stimulates the nerves and provides a relaxing feeling.  Whether you are looking to relax before bedtime and clear your head, or are in need of a calming solution for a loved one, the gentle pressure the Yorkville blanket provides can relax children and adults of all ages.

Sends input to the Brain that simulates a Hug

This is one of the most beneficial features of the Yorkville blanket.  When using the blanket, your nerves send a message to the brain that simulates it is receiving a hug.  If you recieve a hug in real life, three hormones are released from the brain upon that embrace: oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.  The problem with a real hug for some with sensory disorders such as PTSD, Autism, or ADD is that they long for the effects of the hormones but without the human touch.

This is exactly why weighted blankets have broken through that physical contact barrier and can mimic the feel and sensation of a hug.  The sheer weight of the blanket engulfs you as you sit on the couch or lay in bed.  The microbeads in the pockets fall around the contour of your body from gravity, thus hugging your body tight.  The nerves in your body are then activated from this deep pressure stimulation and after signaling the brain, oxytocin is released, which is responsible for creating an emotional bonding feeling – the same feeling you experience during embracing a loved one or friend in a hug.

Dopamine is also released into the body once the body recognizes it’s being hugged.  Dopamine is a motivator and can instantly brighten one’s mood and create a positive mindset.

The last of the hormones that are released during the use of a weighted blanket or receiving an actual hug, is serotonin.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that constantly updates the brain on the body’s current mood.  With the oxytocin and dopamine filling the brain, the serotonin transmits the positive effects of these other hormones to the brain to let it know that the body is feeling relaxed, content, and less stressed.

Provides a Calming Effect

The hormones that are released from the hug all work together to create the calming feeling that the body registers from the deep pressure being applied.  Some users can experience the calming effect faster than others, and it really depends on the person.  Whether the blanket calms you down for just a few minutes, or overnight while you sleep, at least your body is benefiting from the simulated hug.

Blanket Contents

Yorkville uses 100% cotton fabric for their exterior material.  Cotton is commonly used in bedding because it keeps you cool.  Cotton is a remarkable insulator while also promoting air flow and circulation.  Due to this, Yorkville Blankets will keep you warm enough in the winter time, but also cool in the summer months.

The substance that provides the weight in the blanket is actually made from glass.  The filling is made up of tiny glass beads.  Along with the beads, a polyster fill is also used.  If you pick up one corner pocket of the blanket and hold it horizontally, you can feel the beads move from side to side as you move your hand from side to side.

The bottom layer of the blanket that is up against your body is also a cotton material that is super soft.  It feels like suede to the touch.

Evenly distributes Weight

So how is the weight evenly distributed?  Well, the blanket is constructed in a quilt-like pocket design.  The glass beads are placed into each pocket and then sewn shut.  This allows the beads to freely move within the pocket and contour against the shape of your body.  For exmaple, if you are laying in bed and you notice the center of a pocket is right on your knee cap, the glass beads will fall to the sides of your knee and “hug” your leg.  This free movement of the glass beads is what distributes the weight evenly over each pocketed compartment.

Blanket Weights

Yorkville blankets are available in 5 different weights: 5lb, 10lb, 14lb, 18lb, and 22lb.  All weights are available in predetermined sizes.


Yorkville Blankets are available in 5 sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XLarge
  • XLarge Heavy

Visit Yorkville Blankets

The small measures 36″ by 48″ and is a 5lb weight.  Your average twin size bed is 38″ by 75″, so to give you a visual, the small size will be about as wide as a twin mattress but roughly half the length.

The medium is 42″ by 58″ and is a 10lb weighted blanket.

The large size is 42″ by 66″ and is a 14lb weight.

The Xlarge and Xlarge Heavy are both 50″ by 72″, however, the Xlarge is 18lbs and the Heavy is 22lbs.  To use the same twin size bed comparison as far as giving you a visual for size, the Xlarge and Heavy sizes would be just shy of covering a double bed.  Double beds measure 54″ x 74″.  The blanket would fully cover and even extend over the sides of a double bed but lengthwise would fall short by 2″.  This picture shows the blanket on a standard queen-size bed.

Some people may think that the blanket should fall over the edges of the bed, but the blankets are not effective if they are going over the side of the bed.  The purpose of the blanket is to keep the weighted material on your body in order to stimulate the deep pressure.  If the blanket is half on you and half off the bed, the blanket will start to slip off the bed and divert the weight from your body to the floor.

The blanket is really not meant to be visually appealing and cover the entire bed.  I would suggest folding it once or twice and keeping it on the edge of the bed so it looks more like a throw.

Choosing the Right Size

Yorkville provides their suggested blanket weights based on the weight of the primary user.  They range anywhere from 5-10% of the user’s body weight.  The Royal College of Occupational Therapy in London suggests that weighted blankets should not be more than 10% of your body weight.  This is a general rule of thumb to use for children especially, but most therapists agree that adults can use a blanket that is 1-3lbs more than 10% of their weight.

Child Use

Children can benefit from the use of weighted blankets, but you should be aware of these recommended safety precautions:

  • The child should not sleep with the blanket unsupervised throughout the night
  • Children should keep the blanket below their neck, leaving their head uncovered
  • Children should not be encouraged to roll themselves up in the blanket, nor should it be used as an intentional restraining device
  • The child should be able to remove the blanket themselves without assistance


Pricing for Yorkville blankets is as follows:

  • 5lb Small: $169.99
  • 10lb Medium: $189.99
  • 14lb Large: $199.99
  • 18lb XLarge: $249.99
  • 22lb XLarge Heavy: $259.99

Yorkville Blanket Sale Pricing

Yorkville often runs sales seasonally, so keep an eye on the blankets and you may just find these prices:

  • Small:  $169.99 Sale Price: $79.99
  • Medium: $189.99 Sale Price: $109.99
  • Large: $199.99 Sale Price: $139.99
  • XLarge: $249.99 Sale Price $179.99
  • XLarge Heavy: $259.99 Sale Price: $199.99

My Yorkville Blanket Review

My Yorkville Blanket promptly arrived in a small box.  Looks can be deceiving, folks – it was one heavy box!  I ordered the XLarge 18lb blanket.

How it Arrived

The blanket came packaged in a clear plastic zippered bag.  It had a sturdy handle that helped to move the blanket into my room.  A simple card stock flyer was inserted into the front of the bag with the blanket’s weight, size, item number, care instructions, and bar code.

Since the blanket will be heavy, the easiest way to get the blanket out of the plastic packaging is to simply unzipper the cover and dump the blanket on its top side and then you can easily lift the plastic cover upwards like this: 

Look & Feel

The blanket has a denim-like pattern on the top side which is cool to the touch and pairs well with just about any decorating color scheme.  The underside of the blanket is light tan in color and has a velvety/suede texture to it.  I wouldn’t quite call it microfiber, but it feels very similar.

I know you are all waiting for this one – YES, IT IS HEAVY!  17.7lbs to be exact.  My scale may be a bit off as well.  It is definitealy a workout trying to move the blanket from room to room, so I decided to keep it on our bed and draped it over the lower corner of our king size bed to make it look like a throw blanket like I mentioned earlier.

Describing the actual feeling of the blanket working is a bit surreal.  It definitely feels like you are being wrapped up or hugged.  You know when your parents tucked you in as a child on a cold winter night and they would push the blankets all around you, making you into a bed spread taco?  That’s exactly what the blanket feels like.

You can actually feel the glass beads dropping in their pockets and wrap around your legs and torso.  I instantly felt the weight of the blanket, but it wasn’t overwhelming or strangling at all.

At first, I placed the blanket from my feet up to my ribs and made sure that the blanket wasn’t hanging over the side of the bed.  Again, you don’t want the blanket to hang off the side, because gravity will pull the blanket off balance and you will not experience the full effect of the blanket.

Since the blanket is heavy, I found myself laying more still than usual when I had the blanket on.  Primarily because I felt like it was a bit difficult to move.  Crazy how that little bit of pressure makes it “too hard to turn over” and then my lazy self just decides it’s easier not to move at all.  Or was that the relaxing property taking over?

I found that I did relax much faster than anticipated during my first use.  Actually, I laid down with the blanket on in my bed at 1 pm and found myself napping for almost 2 hours afterward!  I’m not suggesting that this blanket will knock you out if you have insomnia or another sleeping disorder, but it definitely relaxed me enough in the middle of my day to allow me to take a cat nap.

Speaking of cats! My almost 1-year-old cat LOVED the blanket.  I think he could hear the beads inside the pockets move around when I re-positioned myself and he would do the typical head tilt followed by the slow motion pounce.  Claws extended and all!  So beware if you do have kitties around.  I can definitely see the blanket being punctured by him and then the beads falling out.  Once he jumped on the blanket for the first time, I decided to scoot him out of the room so he wouldn’t get in the habit of thinking the blanket was a toy.  He hasn’t touched it ever since.

Did it Really Work? The Husband Test

I had to put the Yorkville blanket to the real test – the husband test.  As you know, I started this site in hopes of learning about all of the weighted blanket manufacturers out there to find the perfect one for my husband.  We’ve dealt with his anxiety since 2010 and weighted blankets have really helped him through the years when he’s experiencing a panic attack or general anxiety.

We have a few weighted blankets in the house already and they tend to all have one thing in common – you guessed it – they are heavy.  Other than that, each brand has their own unique construction, fillers, and fabric options.

So how did this one compare?  The Yorkville blanket was definitely one of the heaviest blankets that we have and my husband really liked the general feel and weight.  Other brands can be too plush, but he thinks those are just geared towards children and younger adults.

The Yorkville is perfect for adults.  It’s well constructed, has 2 fabric sides to choose from, hugs the body, and is reasonably priced considering pricing from other competitors.  I’m not discounting the blanket towards children, but there are more appealing patterns and fabric options available from other manufacturers that in my opinion cater to children, especially if you are new to weighted blankets and are dipping your toe in the water.

Once a child is acclimated to the blanket, then I would say get this one as your next stepping stone for a pre-teen or adult.

Yorkville Blanket Company Return Policy & Warranty

30 Day Returns

Yorkville advertises that you can return the blanket for a full refund within thirty days of purchase.  As long as the blanket has not been used, washed, or damaged, Yorkville will take the blanket back.


In this industry, it can be common to see blanket exchanges for different weights.  If you are on the fence about which blanket size and weight to purchase for yourself or a loved one, just know that Yorkville will happily exchange the blanket for a larger or smaller weight.  The blankets are relatively expensive so you want to be sure you have the best possible weight for long-term use.

Don’t let the sizing options discourage you during the ordering process.  Simply exchange the blanket if it’s not the right weight.  You will have to pay return shipping charges in order to make the exchange, so keep that in mind also.

How to submit a Yorkville Return Request

Yorkville has a return request form on their website that they use to process all returns.  The form is simple and straightforward and you must provide your name, email, phone number, order number, and a short description of why you want to process the return.  Once submitted, Yorkville customer service will respond with instructions on how to move forward.

Yorkville will provide the return shipping address to you and you will be responsible for paying return shipping.  Once Yorkville receives the blanket back and ensures the item is not damaged or hasn’t been used, they will issue the return.


Can you Wash and Dry a Yorkville Blanket?

Yes and no.  Yorkville claims that their blankets can be machine washed due to the cotton materials, however, they recommend air drying the blanket and not using the dryer.  For those of you with a bulky/bedding setting on your washing machine, that setting should do the trick in the event that you must wash it.

If you have the Heavy 22lb-er, you may want to just spot clean the blanket or consider having it professionally cleaned.  Some washing machines may not be able to handle the weight and the blanket could end up being water bogged after the spin cycle is over.  Really it just comes down to how new your washing machine is.

Personally, I recommend purchasing one of Yorkville’s duvet covers so you don’t have to worry about long-term wear from washing the blanket.  Duvet covers are much easier to wash and can also be dried.

Yorkville offers 4 different sized duvet covers that are the exact dimensions of their blankets: Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge.  The slipcovers provide a snug and perfect fit.

What others are saying about Yorkville Blankets

Yorkville has not invested in scientific testing of the blanket as far as effectiveness in treating those with sensory processing disorders, or at least I could not find them listed as a contributor.  What I did find, however, were personal reviews on Etsy and Amazon from people that do have such disorders.  The reviews were pretty impressive and very diverse, coming from people from all walks of life, and having specific health conditions that are easier to deal with when having a weighted blanket handy.  Here are some of their reviews.


One verified purchaser claims that the blanket helped with their coping with PTSD, night terrors, panic attacks, and nightmares – all common symptoms of those associated with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stress & Anxiety

Several users claim that the blanket eases their mind right before bedtime and allows them to fall asleep easier.

One purchaser claims that it helps relieve stress for their child.  That same purchaser mentioned that they loved the style of the blanket because it was more adult looking – meaning the child won’t grow out of the pattern quickly and they can get more long-term use out of it.

Another user enjoyed the weighted blanket because it was a stress reliever from coping with a cancer diagnosis.

It seems that many people enjoy their blankets so much that they start to rely on them to fall asleep at night.  A recent article was released by Indiana University in June 2018 suggesting that weighted blankets could be the ticket to treating insomnia and other sleep issues.

Migraine Disease

I have never heard of someone using a weighted blanket before for migraines, so this comment was very interesting to me.  If someone suffers from severe migraines, it’s important that they get their rest and are on a regular sleeping schedule.  This specific user enjoyed the blanket because it helped her to sleep in general, thus reducing the intensity and frequency of her migraines.


Another purchaser who claims to have Autism thoroughly enjoys the blanket.  They also noted that the blanket took some getting used to when compared to their previous heavier blanket.  You should be aware that just like anything else, there may be some adjustment time getting acclimated to a new weighted blanket.  Most users feel immediate results, but it can take several days or weeks for certain people to get used to it.

Multiple Sclerosis

Yorkville blankets can also aid in treating MS.  One purchaser commented that the blanket helped to decrease spasticity.  Spasticity occurs when muscles in your body are contracting for long periods of time.  When this happens, your muscles stiffen and become very tight, making normal everyday movements difficult to perform.  Nearly half a million people are diagnosed with MS in the United States, so weighted blankets could potentially help those impacted by spasticity.

Final Thoughts

To wrap things up on the Yorkville Blanket, I would have to agree with my husband that this is an all-around great weighted blanket to invest in.  In summary, it’s key features include:

  • Calming and relaxing feeling that you would experience from an embrace
  • Great alternative to a physical hug
  • Heavy, yet not an overbearing weight
  • Soft fabric
  • Quality construction
  • Reasonable trial period
  • Accommodating exchange and return policy
  • Affordable price point

I would recommend the Yorkville Weighted Blanket to anyone that experiences the overwhelming anxiety and stress that my husband experiences.  You can thank us later 🙂

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