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SensaCalm Weighted Blankets for Children & Adults – My Review

SensaCalm Company Information

SensaCalm is owned and operated by Donna Chambers.  She unknowingly started the business when she sought out therapy products for her grandson with Autism.  After researching weighted blankets and being dissatisfied with the options on the market, she turned to a sewing machine in her church’s quilting room.  After several attempts and designs, she found the perfect pattern and blanket weight and started selling them locally with the help of several seamstresses.   As an adult with ADD herself, Donna understood the complexity of sensory disorders and how they impact the individual and their family members.

Many of the SensaCalm staff have experienced sleep disorders themselves and are in tune with the impacts of weighted blankets on a personal level.  Since its inception, SensaCalm has become a leader in the weighted blanket industry and has expanded into other sensory integration products that can benefit infants, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly who have an array of sensory and mental health disorders.  SensaCalm is a Tennessee based company whose sewing, production and fulfillment are all done in-house.

SensaCalm Weighted Blankets

SensaCalm weighted blankets are extremely high-quality blankets.  They have therapeutic qualities and are made by hand with superior fabrics and stitching.  The blankets are made with polyfill which is a polyester based fiber and looks like the stuffing you would find in a blanket, cushion, or piece of furniture.  It is soft and durable and is available in a variety of thicknesses.  SensaCalm blankets can be ordered in standard sizes as well as custom made to order designs.  The blankets are specifically designed to fit a specific body weight and are not meant to fit the bed, however, there are sizes available that will fit a queen and full-size beds.

Who do they benefit?

Those with Sensory Processing Disorder

SensaCalm specializes in weighted blankets that benefit those with sensory processing disorder or SPD.  SPD occurs when a person is unable to process a sense and its reaction.  A scent, texture, light pattern, noise, or taste may impact the person and cause them to become angry, frightened, anxious, or physically impulsive.  SPD can be a challenging disorder for therapists and medical specialists to diagnose and treat.  They often refer to sensory integration which is a long-term treatment that incorporates sensory stimuli into the patient’s therapy in order to familiarize them with various senses and responses.  Many with SPD are alarmed by the physical touch of a person or a simple hug.  Weighted blankets are often a part of this therapy because the blanket can mimic the feeling of a hug without the human element of skin to skin contact.  The blankets also provide a calming effect when one is wrapped up in the soft, heavy fabric.  This calming feeling can be very helpful if someone has just experienced a negative sensory response and needs to relax and rest after the episode.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sensory processing disorder is often seen in Autistic children which is why the weighted blankets are commonly referred to as autistic blankets or autism blankets.  Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, impacts more than 25 million people worldwide.  Children and adults with ASD may have trouble communicating and socializing.  Those with Autism typically experience some kind of sensory processing issue and show interest in repetitive actions and behavior.  Autistic children and adults experience several emotions like stress and anxiety since they cannot recognize or translate social cues.  Sometimes it’s hard for them to know how to act in crowds or groups.  The weighted blankets help them calm down and ground them when they are faced with difficult social settings and environments.  The weight of the blanket has deep pressure touch characteristics in that it applies therapeutic pressure to the body which provides a relaxed and calm state.

Those with Problems Sleeping

SensaCalm also markets their blankets to those who have difficulty sleeping.  Nearly one-third of the population has a problem falling asleep or getting a deep full night’s sleep.  This is accredited to the fast-paced modern day society that has evolved; many people have a high-stress lifestyle that prohibits them from relaxing and resting.

Unfortunately, the economic progress and productivity negatively impacts 1/3 of the population by causing stress and anxiety in adults and children, causing them to have problems falling asleep and staying asleep during the night.

The University of Gothenburg and the University of Linkoping, both in Sweden, performed a study in 2015 that tested the effects of a weighted blanked on 29 participants that experienced insomnia.  The findings were very positive and supporting evidence showed that the blankets did indeed improve sleep patterns in the test subjects.  The participants claimed to have a better night’s sleep, made them feel more secure at night, and experienced less frequent movement during their sleep.  The Swedish scientists suggested that the weighted blanket may provide a non-pharmacological approach to treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Those with focusing issues or need calming

SensaCalm blankets can be used by anyone and even by a person who does not have a mental or developmental disorder.  If you find yourself distracted during the day or evening and just want to rest and relax and give your mind a break, a SensaCalm blanket may be the perfect item to decompress with.  The deep pressure therapy that the blanket provides can benefit anyone that is stressed or someone that needs to refocus their energy elsewhere.

Parents and Family Members

The SensaCalm blankets benefit those with sensory processing disorders and those with mental health issues but they also positively impact parents and family members that deal with those impacted loved ones every day.   The weighted blankets often give the caregiver a break, especially after their loved one has dealt with an episode or negative sensory experience that has disheveled the whole family.  Having these types of products in the household or on hand in a vehicle or doctor’s office can reduce stress and anxiety for everyone close by.

Available Styles & Patterns

SensaCalm blankets are available in over 100 different patterns and colors.

Waterproof Blankets

Waterproof blankets are available and are perfect for a multi-user setting like a daycare, hospital, or school classroom.  The waterproof material is still soft to the touch, yet can be wiped clean.

Double-Sided Cuddle Blankets

When purchasing a SensaCalm blanket, you can choose which material you want to be on the underside of the blanket, closest to the body.  You can select the same material that is on the topside, or choose a cuddle fabric, which is a soft fleece-like material that provides sensory stimulation to the user.

Pattern Blankets

Since SensaCalm blankets are available in over 100 different patterns,  you are sure to find the perfect pattern to match any decor or style.


SensaCalm has 5 different size blankets that are custom made for toddlers, children, teens & adults, and bed size options available in queen and full.  Most of their fabrics are available in Small, Medium & Large.  Only a select group of fabrics are available in the Queen and Full Sizes.

Small Finished Blankets

The Small SensaCalm Blanket measures 34″ x 50″.  This size is meant for a toddler and is available in 6 different weights based on your toddler’s weight:

  • 3lb blanket for a toddler weighing 20lbs
  • 4lb blanket for a toddler weighing 30lbs
  • 5lb blanket for a toddler weighing 40lbs
  • 6lb blanket for a toddler weighing 50lbs
  • 7lb blanket for a toddler weighing 60lbs
  • 8lb blanket for a toddler weighing 70lbs

Medium Finished Blankets

The medium size blanket has dimensions measuring 38″ x 62″ and fits an elementary aged child very well.  The medium is available in 11 different weights:

  • 5lb blanket for a toddler weighing 30lbs
  • 6lb blanket for a toddler weighing 40lbs
  • 7lb blanket for a toddler weighing 50lbs
  • 8lb blanket for a toddler weighing 60lbs
  • 9lb blanket for a toddler weighing 70lbs
  • 10lb blanket for a toddler weighing 80lbs
  • 11lb blanket for a toddler weighing 90lbs
  • 12lb blanket for a toddler weighing 100lbs
  • 13lb blanket for a toddler weighing 110lbs
  • 14lb blanket for a toddler weighing 120lbs
  • 15lb blanket for a toddler weighing 130lbs

Large Adult Finished Blankets

The large size measures 38″ x 72″ and SensaCalm suggests ordering the appropriate blanked weight for the body weight below:

  • 8lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 50lbs
  • 9lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 60lbs
  • 10lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 70lbs
  • 11lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 80lbs
  • 12lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 90lbs
  • 13lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 100lbs
  • 14lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 110lbs
  • 15lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 120lbs
  • 16lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 130lbs
  • 17lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 140lbs
  • 18lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 150lbs
  • 19lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 160lbs
  • 20lb blanket for a teen or adult weighing 170lbs

Full Size

  • 10lb blanket for a user weighing 50-70lbs
  • 15lb blanket for a user weighing 70-90lbs
  • 20lb blanket for a user weighing 100-130lbs
  • 25lb blanket for a user weighing 130-200+lbs

Queen Size

  • 15lb blanket for a user weighing 70-80lbs
  • 20lb blanket for a user weighing 80-120lbs
  • 30lb blanket for a user weighing 130-200lbs
  • 40lb blanket for a user weighing 200+lbs

You have probably noticed that the suggested blanket weight increases based on the child’s weight as you go up in size.  This is due to the increase in surface area – as the sizes increase, the weight of the blanket is spread out among the area of the blanket.  The reason SensaCalm increases the weight is so the blanket has the deep pressure effects on the user’s body.


SensaCalm blankets range in price depending on the size of the blanket but more importantly, the weight of the blanket.  The breakdown is as follows:


  • $89.95-$114.95


  • $144.95-$194.95


  • $174.95-$234.95

Full Size

  • $224.95-$264.95

Queen Size

  • $254.95-$304.95


There are several add-on items that can increase the prices listed above.

Without Polyfil

All SensaCalm blankets come standard with their polyfill stuffing.  This makes the blanket fluffier like a bead spread.  In the event you do not want the polyfill, a $15 up-charge will be added since there are additional steps to making the blanket.  The labor increases since the pockets need to be made smaller.  The end result will look more like a quilt than a bedspread.

Cuddle Backing

Cuddle backing is a soft fleece material that can be added to the backside of the blanket for extra softness and comfort.  The cuddle backing can be added for an additional $15.


If you want Snaps added to the blanket for a duvet cover, an additional $4.50 will be added to the total.  The snaps attach to the blanket and keep it in place inside the duvet cover.

Matching Pillow Cases

Matching pillowcases can also be purchased and an additional $15 will be added per pillowcase.

Custom Monogramming

The blanket can be monogrammed for an additional $25.


SensaCalm offers free shipping on orders over $100, but only in the U.S.  International shipping is available but the rates will vary.

Lead Time

There are several blankets and products that SensaCalm ships out the same day or next day.  However, most products are custom ordered and will take 5-7 business days before they are complete.

How they Compare to other Brands

There are several reasons why SensaCalm stands out from other competitors in the weighted blanket industry.  You can tell that the owners and staff have fully invested themselves into every detail of their blankets and have used them personally in order to iron out any kinks.  This is what makes SensaCalm a leading industry brand with a “hometown” and local business feel.

Custom Sizes

SensaCalm offers 5 different sizing options that can fit anyone from a small toddler to an elderly person.  If these 5 sizes don’t do the trick, their other products that include wraps and lap pads will add even more sizes and weights to your purchasing options.

Wide Array of Fabric Options

The fabric options offered by SensaCalm are quite impressive.  They tailor their blankets to children and adults with all different tastes and styles.  Having over 100 different fabrics to choose from can make the decision difficult, but you are guaranteed to find the perfect pattern for your child or loved one.

You can send in your own fabric

SensaCalm will create a weighted blanket with a custom fabric that you own already or are planning to purchase.  They suggest that the fabric be 100% cotton.  They will advise you on the amount of fabric to send in based on the type of product and size you choose.


SensaCalm uses polyfill and pellets in their products, depending on which style product you order.  Some manufacturers out there do not even provide the contents of the weighted blanket.

They can send you a sample fabric before you order

If you are skeptical of the quality of SensaCalm’s materials, you can request a sample before you make a purchase.  They understand that their products are not cheap and they want you to invest in their quality weighted blanket.  SensaCalm understands that you want to know and feel the quality of the product before you purchase one.

Workmanship Guarantee

SensaCalm has an industry advantage due to their 1-year workmanship guarantee.  If your blanket or product is defective in any way relating to the sewing or construction of the blanket with their recommended care instructions, they will repair or replace the blanket up to one year after the purchase date.  This guarantee alone makes SensaCalm stand out from their competitors.

They can work with a Medical Supply Company to bill insurance.

SensaCalm cannot bill your insurance directly for one of their products, however, they can work with a medical supply company if you need assistance paying for the product before you are reimbursed by your insurance.  Talk to your healthcare provider and insurance billing department first to ensure that they cover the blanket before connecting SensaCalm with a medical supply company.

Safety Warning

SensaCalm stressed that their blankets should not be used for children under the age of 1, as you should be old enough and able to move the blanket off of you to prevent suffocation.  They also urge people to refrain from using the blanket as a restraining device or punishment method.

My Review of SensaCalm Blankets

I plan on doing a complete review of a SensaCalm blanket in the next several weeks and I will share my experience and effects of the blanket as soon as I can.  Be sure to check back frequently so you can read more about the pros and cons of this weighted blanket.

Other SensaCalm Products

SensaCalm realized that there is a need for several other sensory products aside from the weighted blankets.  The blankets can become a bulky and heavy accessory to haul around in the car, to school, or to a doctor’s office so SensaCalm designed several other alternative products that can serve the same purpose as the weighted blanket but in more convenient and travel-friendly sizes.

Soothing Snakes

SensaCalm soothing snakes are a lightweight and space-saving alternative to the weighted blanket.  It acts as a scarf that can be wrapped around the neck and shoulders or placed on your lap.  The wrap helps people with sensory processing disorders and autism.  They are convenient to travel with or send off to school with your loved one.

Weighted Vests

SensaCalm’s weighted vests serve several purposes and are multifaceted for children with ASD or those with sensory processing issues.  The vests have calming properties and provide proprioceptive input to the child which enables them to be aware of their personal space, body position, and movement.  It grounds them in a sense and keeps them calm and focused.  The SensaCalm vest has several unique features that include a fidgeting button, a chew-able zipper pull, and lined interior that provides a soothing texture for the child to feel.

Weighted Wraps

The weighted wraps are larger in size than the Soothing Snakes, but smaller than the average size weighted blanket.  These are also custom made and are great for traveling and taking to the doctor’s office.  The weighted wraps may also be a more affordable option if you are new to weighted blankets and are curious to see how they would work in your home.

Lap Pads

Lap pads are 2lb weighted blankets that just cover your lap if you are seated in a chair or sitting on the floor cross-legged.

They are a convenient size to transport and are perfect for story time.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  The SensaCalm duvet covers can be purchased with a soft fleece underside lining, can be monogrammed, and are available with matching pillowcases.

Weighted Belts

SensaCalm offers weighted sensory belts, although it’s unclear if they are the actual manufacturer or if they are just reselling them.  The belts tend to have the same calming qualities as the blankets, however, they are less bulky than a blanket and are perfect for a school setting.  The belts aid children and adolescents in focusing on the task at hand.

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