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Mosaic Weighted Blankets – My Review of How they Work

Meet Laura LeMond, Founder and Co-Owner of Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Laura LeMond is the face of Mosaic Weighted Blankets.  LeMond

experienced sensory processing issues as a young child and even into college when she studied at Texas – Austin.  She wrote about stacking books on top of her legs at night to calm her down before bed.  This enabled her to get a better night’s sleep.   Little did she know, her path to entrepreneurship had started in that moment.

LeMond researched Temple Grandin, animal science researcher, teacher, and outspoken autism educator.  Grandin developed the “Squeeze Machine” in the 60’s for livestock in an effort to calm cattle down,

thus decreasing their anxiety and increase their milk production.  Grandin suffered from anxiety herself and had Autism.  Her livestock invention was then transformed into a hug machine for humans to serve the same calming purpose, minus the increased milking!  LeMond researched Grandin’s work and designed her first blanket with the concept of the “hugging” property in mind.

LeMond truly understands her market and what her customers go through, as she also deals with anxiety herself.  She claims that if ADD and Sensory Processing Disorders were known during her childhood, she would have been diagnosed.

LeMond became the forerunner in the weighted blanket industry once she learned and experienced for herself the underserved market of sensory blankets and products.

Mosaic Blankets

Mosaic proudly manufactures their custom handmade blankets in Cedar Park, Texas.  They take pride in their quality construction and use of 100 percent cotton fabrics and non-toxic poly pellets that give the blankets their weight.  The poly pellet fill makes the blankets extra

comfortable because they acclimate to your body temperature, keeping you cozy throughout the entire night.

How Mosaic Blankets decrease Anxiety and Stress

Mosaic blankets can be beneficial for people of all ages – yes, even children and the elderly can use them.  Weighted blankets are a form of deep pressure stimulation that gently hugs or wraps the body while stimulating the nervous system.  The weight of the blanket relaxes your nerves and provides a calming effect.  Mosaic promotes their blankets as being a safe, drug-free treatment for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and dozens of other sensory disorders.  Mosaic Weighted Blankets is proud to manufacture a sensory product that treats the following:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Menopause
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Aggression
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Fibromyalgia
  • PTSD

Choosing the Perfect Size

Mosaic suggested that the appropriate blanket weight for an individual should be 10% of one’s body weight plus 1-2lbs.  This is on point with most licensed occupational therapists suggestions also, and more so works better for adults.  Children should use blankets that range between 5-10% of their body weight.  Mosaic has a detailed weight chart on their website that you can refer to during ordering – it’s very easy to read and understand.  They suggest a specific blanket weight based on the user’s actual body weight.

Shipping Times

Standard stock blankets or sale/clearance products ship within 3-5 days.  Custom made to order blankets may take up to two weeks to ship.

Who Benefits from a Mosaic Blanket


Boys &  Girls

Mosaic blankets are ideal for children of all ages, especially those that wake up in the middle of the night and seek their parents.  When a weighted blanket is introduced to the child, you may find that they will search for their weighted blanket during the night to comfort them instead of wandering around looking for their mom or dad.  This in itself can be a huge relief for parents and will enable them to get a good night’s rest themselves.

Boys and Girls blankets are available in 29 100% cotton fabrics and 11 minky fabric colors and can be custom made with a weighted ranging from 5lbs -20lbs in the following sizes:

  • Small – 38″ x 42″
  • Medium – 38″ x 50″
  • Large – 38″ x 60″
  • XLarge – 42″ x 72″

The cotton fabric blankets start at $99.95 to range up to $224.95.  The minky fabric blankets start at $139.95 and go up to $264.95.

Men’s & Women’s

Men and women can also enjoy the soft minky fabrics that are available to children.  The prices for adult minky blankets start at $124.95 and range up to $254.95.  Men and women can choose from the same 11 color options for the minky fabrics and are also available in weights ranging from 5lbs to 20lbs.  The sizing for adult minky fabric blankets are:

Medium – 38″ x 60″

Large – 42″ x 72″


Couples can also reap the benefits of a weighted blanket.  If the couple likes using weighted blankets individually, they can now share a couple’s size blanket – The Big Sleep by Mosaic.

The Big Sleep

Since weighted blankets are on the rise and the number of users of all age groups are relaxing with them, Mosaic started getting special requests for queen and king size comforters in a 25 lb weight.  They specifically designed The Big Sleep in a 25lb weight – perfect for couples and a great sharing size, and cut back the measurements by just a few inches shy of a king size blanket.  This way it can accommodate couples with Queen or King Size beds and the blanket stays on top of the bed as opposed to hanging down the sides.  The Big Sleep measures 60″ by 80″ and is priced at $289.95.  It is available in 9 colors.


Mosaic has recently been catering to an older demographic – seniors!

With so many diseases and disorders impacting the older generation these days, Mosaic has seen a spike in sales from people in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  In an interview with CBS-Austin, Laura LeMond suggested that a good blanket weight for seniors is between 5-10% of their body weight or 3-4 lb blankets.

My Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

I’m in the process of reaching out to Mosaic to review their blankets.  Stay tuned for my personal review and pictures!

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Reviews on Amazon

Mosaic is such an industry leader in weighted blankets that one would think they would have hundreds of reviews on Amazon.  That’s not quite the case.  The number of Amazon reviews for their blankets is surprisingly low.

This isn’t a bad thing, and actually probably suggests that most customers purchase directly through their website instead of on Amazon.  They have several custom options that are better suited for ordering on their platform than the standard blankets listed on Amazon.  Here’s what some of their Amazon reviews say:

Positive Amazon Feedback

  • had a tremendous improvement for a teenager with anxiety and sleeping problems
  • improves sleep and helps with relaxation
  • a staple for anyone with anxiety
  • great customer service
  • soft, high-quality fabrics
  • good value and well-made
  • shoulder wrap is easier to use and carry than a weighted vest
  • shoulder wraps help with poor posture
  • fast shipping

Negative Amazon Feedback

  • the beads sometimes slide to the sides
  • the queen size would not cover a twin size bed
  • 2lb shoulder wrap may not be enough weight for an adult
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