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BlanQuil Weighted Blanket Review

A new weighted blanket brand has surfaced in the market and has been getting noticeable web publicity and outstanding reviews from Amazon customers.  But what makes BlanQuil stand out from other leading industry brands, you ask?  The price and its product features will certainly calm your nerves.

blanquil weighted blanket draped over couch

BlanQuil Weighted Anxiety Blanket Product Features

Helps to Relax the Nervous System

BlanQuil’s most noticeable feature is it’s calming properties that almost instantly calm and relax the user’s nervous system.  Although this isn’t a feature you can physically see, it is tactile for the blanket user.  Weighted blankets are not a groundbreaking new invention, in fact, they have been around for over a century and have been used as calming aids on humans, cattle, horses, livestock, and other animals.  Up until now, weighted blankets were traditionally used behind the scenes in medical facilities or farming, but in recent years they have been introduced to the mainstream retail market to help with the rising number of anxiety, autism, and mental health issues in the United States and around the globe.nervous system vector image

The blanket relaxes the nervous system due to the weight of the blanket applying gentle but firm pressure to the body which occupational therapists are now calling deep pressure touch stimulation.

Deep Pressure Touch

When using the BlanQuil weighted blanket,  you are undergoing deep pressure touch stimulation.  Deep pressure stimulates the nervous system when a person is wrapped, held, or hugged, and triggers your body to start feeling relaxed and less stressed.  The BlanQuil blanket does just that – it mimics the feeling that you are being given a big hug.  It’s often times called a hug blanket and some therapists refer to it as hug therapy.  When you are being held tight by a human hug or by the blanket, your heart rate will slow down to a normal pace, blood pressure will normalize, dry mouth will return to normal salivation, and your elevated respiratory functions will return to their routine pace.

So why can’t you just hug a person to calm someone down?  This is easier said than done.  There are so many mental health issues that are only now being studied and researched and medical professionals need to respect patient’s behaviors, feelings, and personal space.  For example, an autistic child may not like to be hugged or touched at all by their loved ones, let alone a stranger.  If the doctor knows that a gentle embrace could dramatically calm their tantrum and give them some relief, they can wrap them in a weighted blanket like the BlanQuil to mimic that hugging feeling without the physical touch of a person.beige blanquil weighted blanket folded neatly

The blanket becomes a handy accessory to have around the house, in a classroom, or in a medical office or clinic for times like these when you know the calming properties would help a person.  Then you are not invading their personal space by running up to them and embracing them which could ultimately cause more harm than good.

Stimulates Hormones

The BlanQuil not only relaxes the nervous system, but it also stimulates key hormones in the body.  When you become relaxed, your body increases melatonin which is the main hormone responsible for regulating your sleeping schedule.   Seratonin is another hormone that is stimulated.  Seratonin like melatonin also aids in regulating sleep but also improves and lightens your mood. When your mood is lifted and you start to feel calm from these hormonal releases, your body decreases its production of cortisol, the hormone released when stress is present.  Cortisol levels are typically higher in those with mental stress, fatigue, and various disorders.  A decrease in those levels can benefit those with mental illness as well as people around them with the use of the BlanQuil.

Improved Sleep

Many people with insomnia benefit from the repeated use of a weighted blanket.  The calming nature of the blanket relaxes the user which leads to more melatonin releasing in the brain which then results in the user falling asleep

person dreaming

quicker and staying asleep throughout the night.  Many clinical studies have shown that the melatonin has decreased the number of minutes it takes for a person to fall asleep.  The sleep also results in a deeper REM sleep cycle because the blanket prevents the user from tossing and turning at night.  If the body cannot easily and freely move around, the REM cycle does not get disrupted and the user can wake up feeling more energized and refreshed.

20 Lb BlanQuil

The weight of the BlanQuil blanket is 20 lbs and unlike their competitors, is only available in that weight.  BlanQuil suggested that a weighted blanket should weight anywhere from 8-15% of your bodyweight.  In a recent press release, BlanQuil quoted that their blanket was designed to be around 10% of your body weight.  This suggested that their target customer weights close to 200lbs since their blanket is a 20lb weight.  This is obviously geared for an adult and may actually be more on the heavy side for most users.  The average American female weighs 166lbs and male at 196lbs.  Several inquiries can be read online on Amazon asking if the blanket is very heavy, considering it’s a 20lb weight.  Most comments show that the blanket is not too heavy and hasn’t posed any problems or concerns as of yet.

What it’s made of

The blanket is made up of high-density plastic pellets made from high-density polyethylene.  The pellets are then sewn into a soft microfiber material that looks like quilted squares.  The squares give the feeling of additional weight on your body.  The quilt-like pattern keeps the pellets contained inside the blanket so the weight is evenly distributed to the user.  The blanket is machine washable and can also be used in the dryer.

BlanQuil is pet-friendly and kid-friendly in that the plastic pellets are made from food-grade polyethylene.  They are odorless and nontoxic.

What is the cost?

The BlanQuil is available online only for $169 and includes free shipping within the U.S.  The price is yet another great feature of this product.  Several competitors offer similar styles of weighted blankets and they can easily add up to $300 or more.

BlanQuil Return Policy

BlanQuil has a 30-day return policy for their blankets.  If the blanket is defective due to a manufacturer defect, BlanQuil will exchange the product for you.

If you use the blanket for less than 30 days and decide that it’s not the right fit, too heavy, or is not effective, BlanQuil will not accept a return because it was used.

If the blanket is in its original packaging and is unused, BlanQuil will refund you within 30 days of the return, less the return shipping charges back to their facility.

My BlanQuil Review

I am currently in the process of obtaining and testing the BlanQuil. Check back to read my personal review, images, and a journal noting my experience soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is the cover made of?

Is BlanQuil available in Full or Queen size?

Unfortunately, the BlanQuil is only available in one size which measures 47″ x 74″.  This size is larger than the width of a twin bed, but not as long as a full-size bed.  The blanket is the perfect size if you are using it as a large throw blanket.

Does the blanket make you feel hot or will you sweat at night?

The BlanQuil blanket is made of a polyester blend that allows the material to breathe so you should not experience any additional warmth.  If you are using the blanket on your bed at night, you may want to forego additional layers above and beneath the BlanQuil as extra blankets may make you warmer than usual.

How does the blanket evenly distribute the weight?

BlanQuil is composed of several squares that contain the poly pellet weighted stuffing inside.  The squares are then sewn together to create the blanket.  It looks like a patchwork quilt on the inside because of how it’s sewn together.  This keeps the poly pellets within a certain area to evenly distribute the weight of the blanket.  The blanket is then covered by a machine washable duvet cover, attached at the corners so that the blanket does move within the duvet, and then is zippered shut.  The duvets are available in grey or beige.

BlanQuil has many benefits for its users.  Let’s recap the pros and cons of this particular weighted blanket.  Before making any purchasing decisions, always check with your primary care provider or therapist before purchasing a weighted blanket for you or a loved one.


pros and cons scale

  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Improves a good night’s sleep
  • Calms the body with deep pressure touch
  • Affordable price point
  • Fast shipping


  • Available in only one weight and size
  • Limited selection of colors and prints




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